How Sports Unifies People By: Kofi Arboleda

When someone mentions unity, one of the first things that races through my mind are sports. Sports create unity wherever it is played. It brings unity within your own team and even with your opponents. No sport is just a one-person game. You have a team, whether it is other players or just a series of coaches and mentors. In team sports unity is everywhere. It is there when you communicate, cooperate, and work as a team. It is there between your teammates, coaches, and even your opponents. When playing as a team you become unified working together to get the win. You play as a team, communicating with one another and passing. You help each other get points in order to win as a team. One pers

Defying Differences By: Dima Ghalili

Being lucky enough to have been a multi cultured child I see the world as one country and myself as a world citizen. We are living in a world that has never been more connected, yet, people are concentrated on each other’s differences rather than all the similarities we have. Finding causes for disunity rather than seeing the common goal we all want to reach together, and focusing on the different ways we want to get there. I believe that if we all were to forget the borders that separate us whether it be the physical ones or the ones we build in our head, we would be able to love each other regardless of what we call ourselves (Christian, Muslim, Democrat, Republican), because at the end of

What is a Global Citizen? By: Arturo Prado

A global citizen is someone who cares about the world, and does not just care about their country. For example, a global citizen would be worried if it is getting very polluted, and would care if there is a virus going on because it is important to have healthy people everywhere. I consider myself a global citizen... why? Because I respect people's traditions, cultures, nations, and religions. I want to live in a good planet where everyone respects each other.

How Pushing Youth to Read Encourages Global Citizenship By: Darcie Flansburg

Globalization and social media have made our world seem more relatable and connected – a global community. But the more you learn about other countries, the more differences you discover. A global perspective in today’s youth is incredibly important in order to build empathy and make conne ctions to cultures aside from our own. By understanding other countries and cultures, we are able to better understand ourselves and connect more deeply to our own cultures. Not everyone is able to travel internationally. Many people do not have the means to experience other countries and cultures in person. But global citizenship can also be gained through reading books about other countries and cultures

How Would Universal Education Change the Way People View Each Other? By: Lucia Brucoli

Going to school teaches how to analyze and evaluate cause and effect, therefore the consequences of our actions on people. School makes us question what we thought was true and develop general standards that guide us in future actions and evaluations. By giving intellectual and social skills, school aids us in creating our ‘self’, and hence see others as ‘selves’ to interact with within a human community. The effect of education is a complicated subject. To ground this, I chose to analyze someone I deeply care about. She was only able to attend school until second grade, and though she now has built a good life for herself, you can see the consequences of a lack of education. She is very kin

Q&A with Habib Ulhaq: How has growing up in different countries shaped your mindset today?

Q: How has growing up, living and working in different countries and cultural settings shaped your mindset today? A: I definitely notice a difference in mindset between myself and loved ones who have lived in the same place for most of their lives. To me, it’s a matter of roots. Deep roots gain more nutrients from the area around them; they are closer to the bedrock, the history of that place. The soil is more familiar to them and they have a layered relationship with it. If they are uprooted, the shock to the system can be jarring and even harmful. Shallow roots tend to spread out more across the surface, mingling with all the different rocks and minerals on the same strata. As such is beco

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