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What is Global Citizenship? By: Kalima Arboleda

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Global citizenship is when you are a global citizen. What is a global citizen? A global citizen is someone who respects other cultures and races. For example, because I am part Latin, Hawaiian, and American, it does not mean that I need to choose what cultural group I represent. I have lived in china for 9 years and lived in the United States for 3, yes I am 13 years old. Most of my life has been in China, I barely remember anything from the US. Right now I go to an international school in China, and my class is very diverse. Being part of a class where no one is from the same place (except two people) is super cool. My classmates are from Sudan, Armenia, China, and the United States. Having a class so diverse is nice because I get to learn more about different cultures.

Here is a story about how I celebrate United Nations Day. On United Nations Day, every year I always struggle figure out what culture to represent, but if my class is doing a group representation of a place where I am from I will dress in those clothes. This year’s United Nations Day I represented Hawaii. I wore a flower dress and my mom took a shell necklace to use as a band for my hair. When I was getting ready for my dance performance I was so excited because I was going to perform dances from China and Togo. I really enjoyed learning the different cultural dance styles, it was a really nice experience. After the dancing we had a UN day bazaar. A bazaar is when parents and teachers and students can make a booth and sell food and toys from different cultures. I love seeing new things and buying new stuff from different places. I also like making my own booth so that I can donate the money to charity and make some money for myself. Then people watch a movie in any classroom they want. At the end of the day we all say goodbye and get ready to have a good weekend.

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