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How Do Cultures Impact Our Thinking? By: Nasim Takaki

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

How does learning about other cultures impact how you think? Hm, well that's a hard question.

Especially to be asking someone who doesn't know about his own culture. I never can pinpoint one place that I am from or one culture that I am acting more like, because I was raised so internationally. My mom is Japanese, and my dad Persian, but I was born and raised in two different cities in China. What makes it even harder, especially about culture, is the fact I was in a Chinese school from kindergarten till grade 1. Then from then on, in different international schools. An international school is basically a school with kids from all different cultures and backgrounds. Celebrating many many cultural holidays. So I am stuck with this question of how does learning about other cultures impact how you think? I didn't know what to write or what to say but as I started I truly started to understand. Learning about other cultures has impacted how I think a lot! Clearly, the reason I can't pinpoint or decide where I am from or what culture I belong to is because of all the different ones I have been apart of! I have been in different family households, and each of them have had a different family culture. How they live their life, what religion they follow, their expectations. I have been through it all. Being the good kid, the sports kid, the nerd, the religious kid, all of them. I was in a state of confusion, not knowing how cultures impact the way I think is all because of the many cultures I have been in. Bringing things to a close, and giving the punchline: Learning about and even more, experiencing all these different cultures has impacted me greatly as it has left me so confused! On the fact that it has given me all these different experiences. All different ways of thinking, ways of doing things. All changes due to the mass number of cultures I have been apart of. Leaving me wondering, how does learning about other cultures impact how you think? All I can think is what culture have I not been affected by?

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