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How Sports Unifies People By: Kofi Arboleda

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

When someone mentions unity, one of the first things that races through my mind are sports. Sports create unity wherever it is played. It brings unity within your own team and even with your opponents. No sport is just a one-person game. You have a team, whether it is other players or just a series of coaches and mentors. In team sports unity is everywhere. It is there when you communicate, cooperate, and work as a team. It is there between your teammates, coaches, and even your opponents. When playing as a team you become unified working together to get the win. You play as a team, communicating with one another and passing. You help each other get points in order to win as a team. One person cannot do it all on their own. They have to work together to get what they want.

Between the coaches and the players there is also so much unity. Without it, a team cannot function. The coach sets up plays for the players to execute. Trust and cooperation leads to unity between the coaches and the team. From that moment it takes the unity to run the play, it takes unity to set each other up, it takes unity to be selfless, and it takes unity to complete the play. Sports bring about this unity. It trains you to work with other people and to move on with each other when things get rough. It teaches you to stay mentally strong and not get fixed upon the hardships. The unity that sports create is one that can be used not only in sports and games but also in life.

Sports don’t only bring unity within your team, school, family, but also with the opponents that you play against. Sports is one of the best ways to be together and do something fun that everyone can enjoy. It is something that brings people together even if they are against each other. A perfect example of a time that sports brought unity between enemies was during World War 1. On Christmas day during the first World War everyone stopped fighting. They stopped fighting with each other to celebrate with one another. And one thing that they did was all play a few games of soccer. They made teams and had a friendly match with each other. This shows how powerful sports can be in uniting even the greatest enemies. Sports may be full of competition, but it is one of the very things that can unite us.

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