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Hello and welcome to That Global Community. This is a place where you can read the latest blog posts, articles, and stories all related to how we can better foster unified communities with outgoing, internationally united, ideas. Here we cover everything from what global citizenship is, stories about traveling and adventure, different recipes from different cultures, to meaningful conversations on how an ever expanding and unified global mindset can truly change the world for the better.

My name is Teresa Arboleda, and I am the main author and manager of this blog. I have grown up in a truly international setting, having grown up in China, been born in the United States, raised within Baha'i beliefs, and have parents who themselves are multi-racial. I have three younger siblings who will undoubtably be reoccurring characters and inspiration throughout all the blog posts to come! Currently I am living in China, so many of my posts will be about my experiences being an expat in China! However, I travel often and will make sure to include posts about every place I visit.

This fall I will be starting at NYU Shanghai, where I will hopefully be greeted with the opportunity to travel often, and learn at their various campuses around the world. My college experience will also be relayed in great detail as I continue to grow this blogging platform with each and every one of you.

I will not be the sole contributor to this blog! There will be many guest appearances. In order to encompass a global community, the community must actually be international! Make sure to contact me if you're interested in writing for the blog. I will also reach out to people, asking them to write specific articles and blog posts that fit the needs of the blog.

I look forward to seeing how this platform advances and grows, as does its community. Make sure to keep coming back and checking for more and more posts. You could even subscribe, that way you can get all the information you need delivered right to your inbox.

See you guys next time! Bye!

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